How to Setup Scan-to-Folder (Windows)

Scanning to a folder is a great alternative to scanning directly to an email address, especially for large files. Follow the video and written instructions below for an easy DIY setup.

Step 1

1. Open the "C" Drive

2. Right-click, select "New" > "Folder

3. Name the folder "Scans"

For convenience, you can create a short-cut on your desktop by right-click > create shortcut)

4. Right-click, select "Properties"

5. Under the "Sharing" tab, click "Share..."

6. In the text box, type "everyone" and click "Add"

7. Under "Permission Level" change "Read" to "Read/Write"

8. Click the "Share" button at the bottom

9. Click "Done"

10. Under the "Security Tab," highlight "Everyone" under the "Group or User Names" and click "Edit..."

11. Check all the boxes under the 'Allow' column, and click "OK"

12. Click "Close"

This Part of Setup is Complete. Proceed to Step 2.

Step 2

1. In Internet Explorer/Chrome/Firefox, enter the IP address ofyour Konica Minolta

2. Select the "Store Address" tab

3. Select "New Registration"

4. Select "SMB" and click "OK"

5. Under "Name" enter the name as you would like the icon to appear on your Konica Minolta

Optional: If you would like the folder under "Favorites" on your Konica Minolta, check 'Main'

6. Under "Host Address" enter the IP address of your computer

7. Under "File Path" type "Scans"

8. Under "User ID" enter the name of your login exactly how it appears on your computer

9. Under "Password," enter your computer password

10. Click "OK"

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