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Six Ways Government Agencies Save on Copier Leases

In an era where government agencies face increasing budgetary constraints, it is essential to identify cost-saving opportunities in every aspect of operations. One area that often goes overlooked is the copier lease agreement. By adopting strategic measures, including signing a State and Local Lease Agreement (SLA), government agencies can optimize their copier lease contracts and significantly reduce expenses without compromising productivity or efficiency. In this article, we will explore some effective strategies, including SLAs, to help government agencies save money on their next copier lease.

  1. Assess Current Copier Usage: Before renewing or entering into a new lease agreement, it is crucial to evaluate the agency's copier usage patterns. Conduct an analysis of printing volume, types of documents produced, and required features. This assessment will provide a clear understanding of the agency's specific needs, enabling you to select a copier that aligns with your requirements without unnecessary extras that can inflate costs.

  2. Right-Sizing the Copier Fleet: Another way to save money on copier leases is by right-sizing the fleet. Often, agencies have copiers that are underutilized or redundant. Consolidate devices and eliminate copiers that are not essential. By reducing the number of leased copiers, you can save on monthly lease fees, maintenance costs, and supplies like toner and paper. Opt for multifunction devices that can handle printing, copying, scanning, and faxing to streamline operations and reduce the need for multiple machines.

  3. Negotiate Lease Terms and Conditions: When negotiating a copier lease, government agencies should be proactive in securing favorable terms. Consider the following strategies: a. Lease Duration: Shorter lease terms can be advantageous as they provide flexibility and the ability to upgrade to newer technology sooner. Longer leases may seem cost-effective initially, but they can become burdensome if copier requirements change or if maintenance costs rise over time. b. Lease Payment Structure: Negotiate a lease payment structure that suits your agency's financial capabilities. Opting for quarterly or annual payments instead of monthly installments can sometimes result in better rates or discounts. c. Maintenance and Support: Ensure that the lease agreement includes comprehensive maintenance and support services to avoid unexpected expenses. Negotiate service level agreements (SLAs) that guarantee a timely response and quick resolution to technical issues.

  4. Consider Managed Print Services (MPS): Government agencies can explore the option of partnering with managed print services providers. MPS providers can analyze copier usage, optimize printing workflows, and provide ongoing support. By outsourcing printing management, agencies can streamline operations, reduce costs, and ensure optimal utilization of copier resources.

  5. Embrace Digital Transformation: Government agencies can significantly reduce reliance on physical documents by embracing digital transformation. Encourage employees to utilize electronic workflows, digital signatures, and cloud storage. By reducing the need for printing and copying, agencies can minimize costs associated with paper, toner, and maintenance, ultimately leading to substantial savings on copier leases.

  6. Sign a State and Local Lease Agreement (SLA): SLAs are lease agreement addendums designed specifically for government agencies. These agreements provide additional benefits and cost-saving opportunities tailored to the unique needs of government entities. SLAs can include advantages such as competitive rates, flexible lease terms, discounted maintenance and supplies, priority service, and enhanced security features. By signing an SLA, government agencies can secure more favorable lease terms and realize significant cost savings.

By assessing current copier usage, right-sizing the fleet, negotiating favorable lease terms, considering managed print services, embracing digital transformation, and signing a State and Local Lease Agreement (SLA), government agencies can optimize copier lease agreements and reduce unnecessary expenses. These cost-saving strategies not only contribute to



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