4 Tips to Lower Your Printing Bills

Did you know over 40% of all printed documents end up in the garbage by the end of the day?

If your overage bills seem to be out of control, or you're just trying to improve your current printing strategies, try these tips below to reduce monthly print costs.

1. If you have a color machine, default all user print-drivers to black & white.

The average color printed document is six-to-eight times more expensive than a black & white printed document. This is a quick-fix and can be done in any office. If a user needs to print color for a specific document, they can easily make that selection before printing.

2. Create a "Code" for Color Output

Once a user-code is created for color output, only users with proper credentials have the ability to print/copy in color. All other users can be print/copy in black & white as normal.

3. Utilize Account Tracking

Similar to #2, Account Tracking requires the use of a code. The difference, however, is each user would be assigned their own specific code. Output can then be tracked and limited on a individual basis. Data research has shown when people believe they could be tracked, that thought alone reduces wasteful printing.

4. Fax From PC

If you are faxing from your copier, you most likely have the ability to fax directly from your computer. Konica Minolta multifunctional devices come standard with a fax-driver. To view on a tutorial on how to do so, click here. If you're unsure if the driver is currently downloaded, you can search and download here.

5. Secure Print (AKA Hold Print)

Secure print temporarily holds your print job on the copier's hard-drive until you, the user, manually releases the print with a pin-code. The pin-code can be made 'on the fly' and does not need to be registered with the machine beforehand. For instructions on how to use this feature on a Konica Minolta Bizhub, click here.



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