How To Default Print Driver (Apple)

1. First, download the print driver onto your computer.

For instructions on how to do so, go here.

2. Enter 'localhost:631' into a web browser.

You must be connected to the same network as the printer/copier.

3. Click "Printers."

4. If Web Interface is disabled (it is by default). Open Terminal.

5. Enter sudo cupsctl webinterface=yes into Terminal.

6. Enter your password.

It will not appear that you are typing when you enter your password. That is okay. Enter password as norma and hit the 'enter' key on your keyboard.

7. Refresh the web browser

8. Select the printer you wish you default from the list.

9. Select 'Set Default Options' from the dropdown box

10. Select "Finishing Options"

11. Choose/change the options you wish to make the default print settings.

12. Once finished with your selections, scroll to bottom and click 'Set Default Options'

13. Enter your Exact User ID (Where Do I See my Exact User ID?)

14. Enter your USER ID password.

15. Click 'Log In'

All done! Your selections have been defaulted!



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